How to plan a trip for Hajj or Umrah

How to plan a trip for Hajj or Umrah

Good planning always makes things happen in a perfect manner. When it comes to Hajj or Umrah trip, one should map out each and everything in detail to avoid difficulties during and after the pilgrimage. Hajj or Umrah performance requires complete mental and physical strength, and it becomes tough enough for old-aged people to manage the trip. But, proper planning and strong intention make this trip easy.

The first and foremost concern is the “niyat” (the intention) for Hajj or Umrah). It is not apparently a part of planning, but a strong inner feeling through which all the things start and provide strength to initiate planning. 

Basic Guidelines to focus

Budget preparation

While planning set a budget targeting all the aspects of expenses and make a connection with a reliable travel agency in London, the UK for obtaining a visa, arranging a flight, and getting up-to-date information about the trip. 

Medication and diet plan

Basically, you have to plan for proper medication and diet because breaking a diet schedule in another country creates health issues and physical unrest. A vaccination certificate is mandatory to submit to get a visa, but after arriving Makkah and Madinah you have to follow the diet plan for a healthy journey.

Luggage management

Set your luggage as long as you are going to stay, and keep all the necessary things like towel, Ahram, pair of slippers, praying mat, an umbrella, toothbrush, unscented soap, etc. 

Comfortable room reservation

Book a comfortable hotel for relaxation. Check out the list of cost-effective hotels and try to get a near hotel from Haram and Masjid-e-Nabvi. Pilgrims can also get the monetary advantage from affordable Umrah booking 2019.

Islamic requirement

Before leaving for pilgrimage, clear your dues because Islam requires all the Muslims to pay off their liabilities and to ask for excuse and forgiveness from relatives, neighbours, and people in the surrounding. 

Learn for ease

In spite of that, watching videos of the Hajj or Umrah performance also provide ease of doing the pilgrimage. And learn, if you can, few Arabic words to communicate to local Saudi shop keepers.

Remember in Dua

Finally, don’t miss anyone in Dua (prayer) and make a list of people who have especially asked to make prayer on their behalf. As our Prophet (peace be upon him) said, “A prayer in my mosque is a thousand times more excellent than a prayer in any other mosque, except Masjid al-Haram (Mosque of the Ka'ba).”

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